Being committed to your profession encompasses many different elements such as


PUNCTUALITY: Archers are expected to be on time to practices/games..

PREPARATION: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. An elite sportperson must be prepared both mentally and physically for the competition. The coach will have put in hours of time putting together a plan to  help put the archers in a position to be most successful.  Preparation encompasses intense focus and vigorous effort. Preparation is the groundwork for magic to happen. Preparation builds confidence.

SELF-DISCIPLINE: Discipline is listening to what people tell you to do, where to be, how to do something. Self-discipline is knowing that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. You are the only one who can elevate your performance to a high level.

VIGOROUS EFFORT:  Without hard work, you don’t stand a chance. Not all archers have their own kit and not all archers have a garden where they can practice, but being prepared to give maximum effort at sessions will create maximum benefit.

INTENSE FOCUS:  Focus is effort, but concentrated effort applied to the particular task you’re seeking to achieve. At the elite level of sport, it is very common to put in countless hours of practice. Concentrate on one correction at a time. Focus on the process, not the destination. Visualization, relaxation techniques, and distraction control are all forms of mental skills training and improving your focus. It is of the utmost importance to focus on what is in your control. You cannot afford to worry about factors out of your control, such as performance of other archers.  If you prepare and address the factors you have control over, you will put yourself in a better position to succeed.

PERSEVERANCE: Top Sportspeople are persistent and don’t take “no” or “cannot” for an answer. No matter how difficult it gets, how impossible it seems, the short-term problems are there to be overcome…..a top archer believes in their skill-sets and the mantra “…….remember your dreams and push yourself to the limit”.

RESILIENCE: Elite sportspersons compete in highly pressured situations. It is important to have mental respond and not react to these situations. How you respond to adverse conditions is the measure of an effective Sportsperson.


Commitment to your task means pursing your goals, practise, more practise,  playing to the absolute best of your ability, no matter what might arise ……… every athlete have a set of tasks they are expected to fulfil on their team.

But you will also have many tough and tedious tasks assigned to you, especially by your coaches. By making a commitment to achieve your best, and to exceed expectations and to do it all with enthusiastic attitude, you will reach the pinnacle of your ability, and exemplary commitment will quickly set you apart from the rest and get you noticed.


Committing to your training means putting your heart, mind, and soul into your preparation, practices, shooting, etc. It means preparing yourself with quality in every way possible to consistently be at your best. It means strength workouts and refusal to give into fatigue, frustration, and or failure. It also means striving to find every possible way to develop and improve by using strength training, conditioning, watching video, mental training, etc.

Finally, it means taking care of yourself by watching what you eat and having a healthy diet, hydrating properly, getting enough rest and sleep, stretching and rehabbing to prevent and minimize injuries, avoiding or abstaining from using alcohol and drugs, etc.


Coaches – When you become a part of the team, you agree to live by their particular vision, values, and standards. You will need to commit to being coachable, honest, hard working, responsible, accountable, etc. You will also need to understand, accept, and ideally embrace the role that is assigned of you for the benefit of the team.

Surrounding Others – In the top of sport, there is usually a whole team of people such as athletic trainers, academic advisors, strength coaches, nutritionists, teachers/professors, fans, community members, etc. who will have certain expectations of you.