Duke of Edinburgh

Locksley has been approached by a number of schools and organisations to assist in delivering certain aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh award and since 2001 the club has been registered as an Access Point to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

We offer comprehensive coaching by our qualified coaches and experienced archers, who are CRB checked. We are able to equip the students for the duration of the course.

The Duke of Edinburgh course requires the participant to attend a minimum of twelve weeks. All D.of E. participants will complete an ARcheryGB beginners’ course as part of the scheme and the participants whether doing Gold, Silver, or Bronze will reach the requirements set down by Archery GB (The governing body of archery) for membership.  

Archery generally falls in the PHYSICAL aspect of the D.ofE. award

“To achieve your archery qualifications it will be beneficial for you to undertake shooting at a registered Archery GB club or association or at a sports centre who also have qualified Archery coaches working at the centre.
Under the rules of our Society our clubs are, for a small fee, permitted to give a beginner in archery for six weeks in the basic techniques of the sport. At the end of that period of learning the assessment can be carried out. If you are learning within your school or a sports centre their own insurance scheme is acceptable and will allow the course to run for the full 6 weeks or more if required.

We hope that you will find the sport of archery sufficiently interesting for you to join a club as a full member, and continue with the sport.  Many of our D.of.E participants have gone on to become members of the county squad.  

You are required to keep a detailed activity log

Stage 1 – Preparation

Before starting your Physical section participants need to agree their personal goals / objectives with their DofE scheme leader and Paul as the assessor. A Programme planner is available to download.
Bronze: 3 to 6 months: You need to do one of your Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections for 6 months, the others for 3.
Silver: 3 to 12 months: You need to do either the Physical or Skills section for 6 months, the other for 3. (If you haven’t achieved Bronze you must extend your Volunteering or the longer of your Physical or Skills sections to 12 months.).
Gold: 6 to 18 months: You need to do either the Physical or Skills section for 12 months, the other for 6. ( If you haven’t achieved Silver you must extend your Volunteering or the longer of your Physical or Skills sections to 18 months.)

Example goals could include:

  • Learn the basic archery techniques and improve through regular participation and sharing
  • Train for and compete in an Archery competition
  • Work towards and achieve a relevant Archery award or Classification (e.g. obtain an Archery GB or local progress award)
  • Improve Archery Handicap
  • Compete in County Level Championships
  • Achieve World Archery Awards

Stage 2 – Training

If new to archery participants will need to complete an Archery GB beginner course which can also be included as part of the activity. You can also do the World Archery progress award scheme within the D.o.E activity, this tests not only technique but knowledge too!

Stage 3 – Activity

Participate regularly (at least 1 hour a week on average) and record activity and progress on a Physical Activity Log.

To complete the programme participants will need to meet with Paul to share their activity log and talk about what they achieved. Paul will then arrange to complete the assessment via the online eDofE.

Stage 4 – Assessment


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
A 6 week programme (part of the GCSE qualification level)
Supervised by Level 1 or higher ArcheryGB Coach
Students will demonstrate:
1. Bow control, loading the arrow, pre draw, anchor, aim, release, and
follow through and discuss arrow pattern.
2. Knowledge of their bow and arrows with its various parts. The method
used to calculate the correct arrow length for safety must be known.
3. Sight knowledge, if adjustments are needed due to weather or
distance. Bare bow candidates will be expected to understand point of
aim, gap shooting and finger walking
4. The ability to compete in a group archery competition, completing
score sheets, and know the procedures for bouncers.
5. Shooting at a 15 (or 20yds) minimum with 18 arrows, using a 60cm face, for a sighted bow or 90cm face for a bare bow. The shooter should score using 10 zone scoring*.
* archers will shoot at 20yds and if unsuccessful will be permitted to shoot at 15 yards. (Most of our archers receive a Highly Competent score of 10 at 20 yards).
This beginner course will also include knowledge of:
 Personal safety – hair, clothing, jewellery, footwear etc.
 Bow safety – looking for wear or damage to bow that may
have been caused, or bent unsafe arrows.
 Range safety – layout and safety precautions observed to
ensure safe and secure shooting indoors and outdoors.
 Basic knowledge of shooting and etiquette – rules will be
observed. Knowledge of some of the GNAS archery rounds
which are available to shoot.
Skill Level Scores
Bare Bow Sighted Recurve Mark Band
Score 104 116 10, 9, 8 Highly competent
Score 75 83 7,6,5 Competent
Score 39 43 4,3,2,1 Moderate success

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award
A course similar to “Step into Sport” or an “A/S level equivalent” award course
With a coach ( qualified or taking Level 2 ) followed by a short assessment interview with an experienced archery coach or county coach.
Students must have the ability to act as:
 Target / Field Captain – scoring methods for metric and imperial
rounds. Controls of field layout and set up and shooting area safety.
 Judge – knowledge of the required rules and standards to be
applied to enable a practise, training session or competition. Safety
standards should be known, whistle procedures and target rules,
bouncers, pass through’s.
 Coach – knowledge of methods used to improve performance,
stance, body alignment, release, and the understanding of arrow
patterns and the methods used to read and correct the shot. Be
able to set up a bow for a beginner.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
Using the knowledge learnt at the Bronze award the student will teach 2
student archers.
Students will be expected to be able to run a beginner’s course when supervised by a Level 1 or Level 2 Archery coach. This course is designed to demonstrate the knowledge learnt at the Bronze stage, by passing it onto other students.
The Student will produce a Lesson plan for the course and
provide course notes on the progress of the students being taught.
The knowledge taught will be that learnt during the Bronze Award.
Following the beginner’s course there will be a short assessment interview with an external experienced L2 archery coach or county coach.
This will be conducted under supervision of an Archery Coach ( Level 2) or County Coach.
This award will be assessed by the coach on a continued basis during relevant period.

We have also been looking into the possibility of an Archery Summer camp as part of Gold Awards. Please ask for details.