Locksley Archery in Schools

Archery is a fun, educational and a non-traditional activity for all young people to take part in. There are a number of ways to introduce archery to young people and Locksley Archery delivers in-school archery linked to a local club.

Archery is a sport for all. It helps to build muscle endurance and flexibility, develop hand eye coordination and body strength. Archery teaches discipline, respect and self-control – something that carries over into pupils’ attitude, work habits and other school activity.

Archery can also give the pupil a strong sense of personal achievement.

Girls and boys of all abilities can participate and pupils who do not normally participate and enjoy sports-related or extra-curricular activities seem to love and are good at Archery. It is a great option for the sporty and non-sporty and is  increasingly popular sport in schools as it offers something different to the traditional sports.

Locksley Archery also is unique in offering weekend mini-tournaments and the opportunity to let steam off via Archery Tag.

Sessions delivered by a qualified Coach

We deliver sessions by a fully qualified Archery GB Coach and which is fully covered by Archery GB insurance, the members must adhere to the Grand National Archery Society Rules of Shooting.

There is also a badge scheme designed to provide all beginners and younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills. Young archers can start to work towards the award and start collecting the badges. The cost of badges is between £2 and £4 each, depending on the award.

Health and safety

Archery GB and archery coaches take health and safety very seriously and are committed to organising and monitoring activities and sessions that minimise the risk of harm to pupils, staff and the environment. The Rules of Shooting for members outlines control measures to ensure there are no breaches in Health and Safety.

If carried out correctly, archery is a safe activity to deliver in schools. There are strict risk management and safety guidelines for coaches to follow and these are implemented in all settings such as clubs, schools and tournaments.

Archery GB has a number of policies and procedures in place for those in the sport to adhere to such as the health and safety policy, insurance requirements, child protection, risk assessments of venues, codes of practice, as well as training for coaches, leaders and judges in safety.

Coach/Staff to Children Ratio
In terms of ratio of children and young people to supervising adults, we  recommend the following:

  • Children over 8 yrs old: One adult to 10 children (with a minimum two adults present at all times)
  • Children 15 years & older: One adult to 15 children (with a minimum two adults present at all times), after initial training. Initial Training is done at One Adult to 10 children.
  • Locksely will always have one coach present.  Remaining adults can be teachers or parents/school volunteers.

Facilities and equipment required

(See the Archery GB handy guide on Setting up an archery range)

ArcheryGB Membership
In order to ensure that members adhere to adequate safeguards etc, all school clubs are members of Archery GB and each student is a member of the school club, thus ensuring that archery in the school is covered by ArcheryGB insurance.