Make your own Targets

Foam targets

Polyethylene also known as extruded polyethylene has outstanding
dimensional stability and recovery characteristics that provide optimal
cushioning protection against repeated impacts, being used in cushion packaging for the  computer, automotive, constriction and recreation industry and as a component material for shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulation, barrier and/or buoyancy and it is these features that make it ideal as an archery target. Typically polyethylene is in white or black and of 1/2″ and 1/4″ thickness.

This extruded polyethylene foam is resistant to moisture, waterproof, light weight and durable meaning that layered foam archery targets give you more spots for shots and the sides of the material provide friction to stop slowly stop the arrows meaning its also better for your arrows.

With use restricted to low power bows (under 50lbs),  test shows compressed foam layers will last longer for multiple years before needing replacement, making them economical and having the benefit of easy arrow removal.

Typically strips of foam stacked on 2″ xby 16″ by 51″ wood planks pre-drilled for a threaded metal rod, which is evenly tightened at each corner until desired compression is achieved…this compression isn’t much and can be varied between beginners, recurve and compound, depending on stopping power needed.

It is also important to flip the target butt so strips are vertically aligned as this adds to target longevity.

The layers are typically 1/8” thick Mini cell (L200) is a 2lbs density “Skin-Soft” esthetically pleasing material that exhibits a smooth surface and extremely fine uniform cell structure that offers excellent flexibility and resilience. You do not need to up the density higher than 2lbs – once we compress the foam with the wooden frame it creates a very firm target for you to use.

You can easily repair damaged areas in the foam from high usage without having to replace the entire archery target or simply move them around and the vertical placement of the foam provides greater flexibility in this respect.

Frame Sizes
This archery target

Most targets have frames and the frames have wheels as shown in the picture for easy transportation. These wheels can vary greatly.

Archery targets can also be made of Microcell foam, or Polyethelene Closed Cell Foam which is weatherproof and impervious to insects.

This less expensive, lightweight foam is durable, strong and designed to resist all types of arrows, rifles, or any small weapons.