RangeSafety – The school checklist

Range Requirements

  • It is not sufficient to install a target somewhere and start shooting arrows. The range layout, the procedure of shooting and the presence of a qualified supervisor are essential for the safe conduct of archery.
  • Archery outdoors requires
    a) A field with a range of at least 125 yards in length and which can be secured from access.
    b) There must be a clearly visible straight line on the ground, called the shooting line (typically marked by rope). This is because archers must shoot their arrows only when standing on or astride this line and there is only one shooting line for all archers, even if they are not shooting the same distances. Targets may be placed at different distances but everyone shoots from the same shooting line. Archers shoot at the target directly opposite their shooting position.
    c) Typically minimum width is 31 yards at the shooting line and 50 yards at the 60 yard marker and 55 yards at the 125 yard marker. Shooting requires 85cm per student across the shooting line and it is this distance that governs how many can shoot at any time. *
    d) There should be no access onto the range ahead of the shooting line while shooting is in progress and barriers and safety notices need to block such access. Areas will be roped off. There should be no public rights of way on the range.
  • Grass that is flat not sloped, short, well kept and well drained.
  • A secure storage area where archery equipment can be kept overnight.
  • If possible, the field orientation should prevent the archers from shooting with the sun in their eyes.
  • There should be no dead ground in the overshoot area, which must always be clear during shooting

Ranges can utilise football fields or other adjoining land. Sports halls having at least 25m length can also be utilised for indoor Archery. Indoor archery requires the installation of a semi-permanent archery net against the shooting wall. (The cost of this can be negotiated between school and Locksley).

30 students shooting?
Requires at minimum 5 x 130cm straw or foam bosses
Students shoot at typically in a rotation of 2 or 3 students  (i.e. 10 students, then 10 students, or 10 students, then 10 students, then the last 10 students).
Each student shoots 6 arrows and when everyone has shot, they score and retrieve them.