Tuning – 2. Centre your arrows

Centering Your Arrows
As you release the bow string from your fingers, the arrow will tend to “wiggle” to the left and right as it clears the arrow rest. This is what causes archer’s paradox.


Our goal when centering the arrows is to kind of “make up” for this bending motion that occurs on release of the string. Otherwise our arrow would land too far to the side of where we were actually aiming, even if we had the arrow point or sight aligned for the bulls-eye perfectly.

To centre your arrows, you will need to adjust the cushion plunger or your bow’s arrow rest assembly, so that when you draw the bow, the precise center of the arrow point is positioned around 1/12th to 1/8th of an inch to the outside of the string, when looking at it from directly behind the string itself.

This concept can be a little difficult to explain in text or even on video. If it’s still unclear, please take a moment and try to imagine yourself holding a recurve bow and then look at the images above again and see if you can visualize what I’m talking about. It usually helps. Your goal is to adjust the rest’s side loading attachment or the plunger (if you have one) so that the arrow is positioned 1/10″ to the outside of the string.