What kit do I need?

Locksley Archery can provide equipment for schools via external funding, but this is subject to having an after-school or weekend club (i.e. a club where the School provides the facilities and Locksley provides the coaches and equipment. (Contributions from schools are welcomed but not necessary). PS Staff may be included but are not mandatory.

FAQ: Can you provide only key-stage inclusion, without an after-school club?
Not usually. this is  because this would mean that the school would have to provide all of the equipment and we cannot set up third-party equipment. We’re happy however to include key-stage lessons on the days when we provide the after-school club.

FAQ: What about children with special needs?
This will depend on the nature of the special needs.
We do not normally do special needs schools due to the increased manpower requirements as these usually make archery non-cost effective.

FAQ; What equipment do you provide?

  • Beginners Bows (including limbs and strings) . (There are a limited number of left-handed bows).All bows are lightweight.
  • Arrows (between 28 and 31 inch draws)
  • Finger Tabs
  • Quivers
  • Bosses, targets and boss-stands.

FAQ; What is your minimum requirement?

  • A field with a range of at least 130 yards in length and which can be secured from access.
  • Typically this means a gate at the shooting end (all other entrances being closed with safety barriers and signs).
  • Shooting requires 80cm per student across the shooting line and it is this distance that governs how many can shoot at any time. (We typically shoot 8-15 students per group “per end” (i.e at the same time) and we can have multiple groups (i.e. group A, Group B and Group C). Shooting two groups each of 15 students would give us 30 students. Shooting three groups each of 10 students would give us 30 students. Shooting requires 80cm per student and this governs how many in a group. ).

Ranges can utilise football fields or other adjoining land. Sports halls having at least 25m length can also be utilised for indoor Archery. Indoor archery requires the installation of a semi-permanent archery net against the shooting wall. (The cost of this can be negotiated between school and Locksley). (See safety details for Ranges here)

FAQ: What if I want my own equipment?
Many Archers buy their own equipment after a few sessions. We can help you buy new or second-hand kit.


Chest Guards

Both Men and Women wear chest guards.

…….see NUSensei’s guide to chest-guards

……….see also NU Sensei’s guide to the problem of larger chests

Sports Bras are also recommended./

Please note that no body piercings above the waist (including on the face) are permitted with Locksley archery. It is also recommended that all jewellery is removed for shooting. For safety reasons, headscarves, nicabs, hijabs, burkas, khimas, balaclavas, etc are not permitted. The reasons for this is that arrows can get caught in them causing serious injury. Clothing similarly should not have draw strings above the waist ) or if they do, they should be tucked into clothing.

TARGETS (allowing approximately 30 students)

  • 6 Outdoor Target Bosses (wheeled for outdoors)
  • 5 Indoor Target Bosses
    (Bosses can be straw or foam)



*Coaches ArcheryGB qualified and insured
* Insurance via club membership of ArcheryGB**

** Membership fees may apply